10 Mile Hike Recap!

13 brave Scouts and 7 adults attended yesterday’s hike!  Thank you all very much for your participation and support!  It was all awesome and so appreciated! I know we are all in full recovery mode from our adventure yesterday, but I just wanted to give you all another huge shout out for such a great job demonstrating determination, endurance and perserverance.  I know that hike wasn’t easy, 10 miles never is, but you all really shined and made the best of it, and I really couldn’t be any prouder of what you all accomplished yesterday!  Yay!  WooHoo!!  To each and every one of you!!

Here are some take aways from yesterday that I would like to share. The first being the great dynamic stretching we did before we started out. Thank you, Mr. Eric for bringing that to our table. I honestly am a little sore, but overall feel pretty darn good and I know that stretching probably helped and felt really good, so we will definitely keep that in our wheelhouse moving forward! We may even get to post static stretching to help in our recovery next time! : )

Also, Mr. Eric had crampons on his boots yesterday, which is a great tool for hiking in icy snow.  I am going to include a link for you all to see what they look like and are.  Basically they are sort of like slipping cleats or hooks or miniature pick axes : ) on to the bottom of your boots to help provide traction and dig into the icy snow.  Very helpful hiking tool in conditions we experienced yesterday!  I am definitely investing, so thank you, Mr. Eric for always demonstrating the importance of good gear!  You have taught us a lot!


Lastly, just to keep our eye on the prize friends, our next hike is a step up to 15 miles and is only 3 weeks away!! Let us all keep our fingers crossed that winter is not so wintery on Saturday, March 13th, and let us all try and keep as active as we can to prepare mentally and physically for our next challenge! I know this weather is really putting a damper on outdoor exercise, but it is going to be important that you all really try, especially taking full advantage of the days that it is possible!

That is all I got, folks! I hope that you are all feeling good and enjoying your Sunday. I will keep you posted on the 15 mile adventure!