March Agenda 2024

March 2024 Agenda:

B. March 2024 Meeting Plans

  1. 13th Possible Pack 307 Bridging Ceremony Volunteers Needed
  2. 14th (6:25-30 pm)
    a. Opening: Leadership
    b. Trail to First Class Activity: first class 7a dylan, second class 2d anderson, first class 4b logan
    c. Advanced Scouts Activity:
    d. Patrol Meetings: trail to first class 1 on 1 w/ older scout/book check
    e. Game/Challenge: 1st Class Relay- Braydon & Dylan
    f. Closing: Wizards
  3. 20th Pack 306 AOLs Bridging Ceremony Volunteers Needed
  4. 21st (6:30-35 pm) PLC at 6 PM- before Troop Meeting (moved due to Spring Break)
    a. Opening: Banana Boats
    b. Trail to First Class Activity: Scout Rank 1:1
    c. Advanced Scouts Activity: 1:1 w/ younger scouts
    d. Patrol Meetings: Scout Rank 1:1
    e. Game/Challenge: parachute
    f. Closing: Campfire Kings
  5. 28th- Canceled Troop Meeting & PLC Reschedules to 3/21/24 due to Spring Break