April Agenda 2024:

April Meeting Plans:

  1. 11th
    a. Opening: Lava Biscuits
    b. Trail to First Class Activity: 1:1
    Trash Bandits: 1st class 6b
    Shadowboxers: Tenderfoot 4b, First class 6b, 1b, 6C
    Skibidi Squad and Lava Biscu, File araig Pioneering knots for pioneering requirements
    c. Advanced Scouts Activity: Quartermaster stuff, overseeing the lessons, and preparing for d.
    next meeting
    Patrol Meetings: Meal plans for april horseback riding trip.
    Game/Challenge: Sharks & Minnows (Preferably outside if the weather is good)
  2. 18th
    Closing: Leadership
    a. Opening: Skibidi Squad
    b. Trail to First Class Activity: Fitness requirements
    Advanced Scouts Activity: Helping out Quartermaster
    Patrol Meetings: 1 on 1 time
    Game/Challenge: kick ball (Preferably outside)
    Closing: Shadowboxers
  3. 25th PLC before troop meeting
    a. Opening: Trash Bandits b.
    Trail to First Class Activity: Leif working with AOLs/ new bridged scouts
    Advanced Scouts Activity: summer camp gateway lashings, (Francis: tripod lashing, Oliver square lashing, Anderson round lashing and clovehitch)
    Patrol Meetings: decide what patrol is doing what part of the summer camp gateway and each person has a part in doing it (Scoutmaster suggestion on 3/3/24: have patrols come up with one or two members to help with the gate)
    Game/Challenge: ultimate frisbee
    Closing: Lava Biscuits