Troop 306 Weekly Newsletter- 09/05/2021

Troop 306 Weekly Newsletter 

Celebrating our 109th Anniversary serving youth in Catonsville and beyond . . .


Here are some important upcoming dates:


9 – Regular Scout Meeting, 6:30 – 8pm, in person, CPC

12 Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival (Fundraiser & Service Project - volunteers still needed)

16 – NO TROOP MEETING (Baltimore County Schools Closed)

23 – Regular Scout Meeting, 6:30 – 8pm, in person, CPC

24 – 26 – Camping at Manidokan in Knoxville, MD

30 – Court of Honor, 6:30 – 8pm, in person, CPC


7 – PLC (6:30PM), and Troop Committee Meeting (7:30PM) via Zoom

14 – Regular Scout Meeting, 6:30 – 8PM, in person, CPC

14 –  Arrowhead District, Life to Eagle Seminar, 7 – 9PM

15 – 17 Camping TBD

21 – Regular Scout Meeting, 6:30 – 8PM, in person, CPC

24 – Maryland Renaissance Festival Fundraiser (Scouts age 14 & up, and adult volunteers needed)

28 – Regular Scout Meeting, 6:30 – 8PM(Annual Halloween Party)

We hope that everyone is safe and well, and enjoying these last few weeks of summer.  Catonsville Presbyterian Church remains closed to outside groups due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  For now, Troop 306 will continue to hold regular Troop meetings outdoors at CPC, and the PLC and Troop Committee meetings will remain virtual.

Listed above are the Troop's upcoming meetings and activities for the months of September and October.  We hope that everyone received the Troop calendar for the 2021 - 2022 year; the calendar also lists the dates for some District meetings and events.  We may occasionally make adjustments to the calendar, and if so, notifications will be sent out promptly.


Hope Riley has been working very hard to make arrangements for our upcoming camping trip at Manidokan.  On 8/27, Hope sent out an important email requesting the names of attendees, home and email addresses, and phone numbers.  If you and/or your Scout will be attending this trip, and have not provided the requested information, please do so today. 


Now the school is back in session, Scouts should resume or begin wearing their Scout shirt and neckerchief to all Scout meetings.  Scout pants or shorts may be worn, but regular pants or shorts (blue jeans, khakis, etc.,) are acceptable.  A full Class A uniform is required for the Court of Honor on 9/30-- this includes Scout shirt, Scout pants or shorts, neckerchief, merit badge sash, and appropriate footwear (boots or tennis shoes).


Troop 306 will be helping out again this year with the Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival on Sunday, September 12, 2021.  We will be assisting with setup, breakdown, cleanup, and also will monitor trash receptacles throughout the day. 

This is a great opportunity for boys to earn service hours!  

Family participation is encouraged and appreciated, and a parent should remain with first year Scouts.  NOTE:  This event is one of three for which the Troop receives funds to offset the costs of summer camp and monthly activities.  As of today, we still have open volunteer slots for the following shifts:  3 - 7 pm (2 slots), and 5 - 7 pm (3 slots).  

If you have not already done, please take a few moments to volunteer.  The signup link is posted below for your convenience.

Many thanks for those Scouts/families who have already volunteered!



The Baltimore Area Council is in the early stages of its annual popcorn sale.  Unlike the Pack, popcorn sales in the Troop is an individual fundraiser, with all profits benefitting the scout account of the seller.  This is a great opportunity to raise funds to help with your son's Troop-related expenses (camping fees, equipment, registration) throughout the year.  An email was sent on 8/26 to survey interest in the sale, and very few responses have been received.  Please respond no later than Thursday, September 9.


Troop 306 has officially entered its 109th year, which is pretty awesome!  This accomplishment is greatly due to the support from CPC, the community, and in particular parental involvement, and all of which are necessary for the Troop to continue to thrive.  We encourage each family to attend the Troop Committee meeting held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm -- this is a great way to learn about upcoming plans, see how the Troop is managed, and obtain more information about areas of need.  The meetings are currently being held via Zoom.

Lastly, there's a camping trip scheduled for September 24 - 26, and general parent participation is always needed at these events.  If you're interested in attending the trip, please let Jeff and Hope know before Thursday, September 9.


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