Troop 306 Weekly Newsletter- 8/23/2020

Troop 306 Weekly Newsletter

Celebrating our 108th Anniversary serving youth in Catonsville and beyond . . .


Here are some important upcoming dates:


27 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt & Hike at Benjamin Banneker Historical Park from 6:00 - 7:00 pm


3 PLC and Troop Committee Meeting

10 Outdoor Troop Meeting at Catonsville Presbyterian Church (tentative)

17 Troop Meeting via Zoom

24 Outdoor Troop Meeting at Catonsville Presbyterian Church (tentative)

We hope all of you continue to be safe and well.  We recently learned that most activities and meetings inside the Catonsville Presbyterian Church building will remain suspended through the month of September.  CPC's status is unlikely to change in October or during the remainder of the fall.  Troop 306 is cautiously moving forward with plans to hold some outdoor events at Catonsville Presbyterian Church.  Please see the schedule above.  Any outdoor activity will be limited in size, or the Scouts will be separated by patrols or small groups.  Social distancing and face masks will be required.  In response to a suggestion from a parent, we also recently purchased a non-contact forehead thermometer to check the temperature of any Scout or adult participating in a Troop activity.  Hand sanitizer also will be available.  We ask that anyone who is not feeling well or suspects recent exposure to Covid-19 to abstain from participating in Troop meetings or activities.  

If there are any changes to the schedule, we will update you as soon as possible.  


The events listed above are Troop 306's plans for the remainder of the summer and the month of September.  More detailed information regarding the Troop's plans will be sent out later this week.

For the outdoor activity this coming Thursday, please note the location and start.  Based upon the turnout for the Court of Honor, we will not be using Sign Up Genius to get a head count as we think most Scouts will attend.  Because the Scouts will be separated by patrols/smaller groups, we may need some parent participation to monitor social distancing.  If you are able to help in this way, please see Cynthia when you drop off your Scout.

Regarding the summer camp refunds, Cynthia updated her spreadsheet to assist Rosa in making the summer camp refunds.  You will receive your refund and/or an email later confirming your refund amount and that it has been sent based on your refund preference.  Cynthia also will be following up with a few families who have yet to indicate their refund preference.  This will be your last opportunity to respond.  If we do not hear from you, we will go with the easiest option, which is to place the funds in your son's Scout Account.


Ryan Allen, a current Troop 306 Scout, recently kicked off plans for his Eagle Project.  To obtain more information about his project and help with donations, please check out his GoFundMe campaign at the following link:


Catonsville Presbyterian Church is still working with other churches in the area to gather non-perishable food items.  However, the large green trashcans have been removed.  Instead, there is a direct food collection program every FRIDAY evening (4:30 -6:30 pm) in the small parking lot on Frederick Road.  Food collected there is then delivered to the Knights of Columbus on Saturday morning.  If you are able/willing to participate in this worthy cause, please consider doing so to help those in need.  All non-perishable items are welcomed, and also may be dropped off at the Knights of Columbus on Saturdays from 8 - 10 am


We also recently learned that the Catonsville Arts Festival and the Maryland Renaissance Festival have both been canceled due to Covid-19.  Troop 306 normally participates in both events as a way to provide a service while also raising some funds.  We appreciate those parents who stepped up to coordinate volunteers for these events.  

The Troop is receiving information regarding this year's popcorn sale.  The sale has already started, but we usually doesn't focus too much on it until the fall.  A coordinator is needed for this activity.  The responsibility is not burdensome or overwhelming -- in fact, the sale pretty much runs itself.  If you are interested in helping with this task, please let Cynthia know.

Many thanks to all of the parents have volunteered for a role or responsibility within the troop.  

  • Membership Coordinator/Liaison:  Kim Mason 
  • Special Events Team:  Annie Guzman-Allen, Carolyn Jones, Kathy Hill, and Hope Riley
  • Cyber Chip Coordinator:  Marc Huete 
  • Website Coordinator: Alexis Willis
  • Fundraising:  Camp Cards (Kristal McCormick); Popcorn Sales (volunteer still needed); Catonsville Arts Festival (Leighann Ruark); Renaissance Festival (Hope Riley); and Christmas Tree Shift Scheduling (Kristal McCormick)